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Helping people deal with crime.

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For victims of crime the thought of contacting the police can be quite a challenge for a lot of children, especially if your only contact is through watching 'the bill'!Officers are trained to help and advise you. You can speak to the police for advice only.

Having an officer call to your house doesn't mean you have to record details etc. If anyone hits you then you are quite within your rights to inform the police and make a complaint against the person who is responsible. You won't be wasting police time!   The police are there to stop history of crime violence and the sooner they are told the sooner the matter can hopefully be stopped.

The police will act accordingly depending on the level of assault. The police will (or should) explain the procedure if you want to make a complaint.

If the assault is common assault a common practice is for police to record the incident and visit the offender to speak about their Solicitors UK behaviour (only if you are happy for this course of action) obviously if it isn't the first occasion another approach may be needed but all approaches are discussed with yourself first so make sure you understand the action you are asking the police to take.

All too often though the incidents are ongoing, being commonly assaulted or verbally abused day after day can wear even the strongest willed children down so having an officer talk to the offender about common assault may not be the answer. Talking about HARASSMENT(see below) though puts the ongoing problem in a different light.

If you make an official complaint then a written account of the incident types of crime would be taken by the police and you will be issued a Crime Number. This refers to your case alone.If your injury is visible then a photo might be taken and this can be used as evidence of the assault. Even assaults that occur in the school can be reported to the police.

BAIL bandits have been slammed after hundreds of court cases each year are put on hold by yobs refusing to face up to their crimes.

View feedback from former volunteers: if you want to find out more about the work involved at a particular organisation, find feedback from people who have already worked there.

Violent crime falls across the U.S. because of ‘ageing population and tough jail terms'

Murder, rape and robbery are all down across the U.S because of an ageing population and no-nonsense prison system, according to criminologists.


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